Line Up 2019

Amsterdam was also turned upside down in 2019 with a packed program! With of course also our own Duncan Laurence, who was finally allowed to take the trophy back to the Netherlands after 44 years in Tel Aviv!!
Who was on the stage? In random order:

Germany – S!sters with ‘Sister’

Montenegro – D-Mol with ‘Heaven’

Malta – Michela Pace with ‘Chameleon’

Israel – Kobi Marimi with ‘Home’

Greece – Katerine Duska with ‘Better Love’

San Marino – Serhat with ‘Say na na na’

Hungary – Joci Papai with ‘Az en apam’

Finland – Darude & Sebastian Rejman with ‘Look away’

Czechia – Lake Malawi with ‘Friend of a Friend’

Romania – Ester Peony with ‘On a Sunday’

Switserland – Luca Hanni with ‘She got me’

Serbia – Nevena Bozovic with ‘Kruna’

Belarus – Zena with ‘Like it’

Georgia – Oto Nemsadze with ‘Keep on going’

Ierland – Sarah McTernan with ‘22’

the Netherland – Duncan Laurence with ‘Arcade’

Iceland – Hatari with ‘Hatrið mun sigra’

Poland – Tulia with ‘Fire of love’

Australia – Kate Miller-Heidke with ‘Zero Gravity’

Armenia – Srbuk with ‘Walking Out’

Moldova – Anna Odobescu with ‘Stay’

Albania – Jonida Maliqi with ‘Ktheju tokës’

Belgium – Eliot with ‘Wake up’

Denmark – Leonora with ‘Love is forever’

France – Bilal Hassani with ‘Roi’

Austria – Paenda with ‘Limits’

Lithuania – Jurij Veklenko with ‘Run with the Lions’

Norway – Keiino with ‘Spirit in the Sky’

Spain – Miki with ‘La Venda’

United Kingdom – Michael Rice with ‘Bigger than us’

And with special guests Dana International (Winner 1998) and Nicole (Winner 1982)!